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What are we doing?

We started this business because we wanted to take the success we had over the years and help companies become more effective at meeting their revenue goals. We also had misgivings about becoming consultants. We saw consultants as someone who would drop in and out, but after the engagement the company never felt like we knew what we got from all the investment of time and money.

Consultants & Advice

We have all worked with consultants in the past, and for the most part they came in, made some astute observations, gave us some good recommendations and moved on to their next engagement. We were then left to our own devices to actually implement their recommendations and derive any real value from the engagement. While we can see some value in this type of relationship, we also see big disadvantages.

We believe most companies need more than just advice. There are a number of reasons this is true, but more than anything else, people are generally busy with their job and do not have additional time to really get the results they expect from the a consulting engagement. When they do have time, they often lack the experience to maximize the benefits from the recommendations they received from the consultant.

Beyond Advice

We saw a need for a different philosophy, one focused on actually producing results for our clients and not just giving them advice. Instead of offering our clients recommendations we get them to find their direction and to become self sufficient in that direction.  Based on this philosophy, we actually work with our clients to implement recommendations and produce the results they want to achieve. In this process we work closely with the team to optimize the process and maximize the results. Our engagements cover a spectrum of areas ranging from strategic planning and product conceptualization to lead generation and social media programs to website design and content creation. In the end, our clients receive advice, results and most importantly, a process and team that can continue drive results in the future.

Please let us hear about your thoughts and experiences with consulting engagements.