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We all know the value in effective, targeted marketing to create awareness and build a pipeline for your sales team. Unfortunately, running your business is a full-time job. Whether your business lacks marketing expertise or has an effective marketing team in place, Demand by Design can support your requirements to develop and deliver high quality marketing programs. Demand by Design has successfully launched dozens of new products and services and helped hundreds of vendors and VARs drive revenue. We provide the necessary support to define, launch and assist in growing your product and service offerings.

In a typical engagement we work with your team to identify the portfolio of products and services, develop a go to market strategy and collaborate with your team to execute on that strategy. Once the practice elements are in place, we work to get your sales pipeline flowing with deals. By helping you identify, cultivate and close your initial deals, we ensure assist in preparing your team to drive repeatable success. We then offer ongoing service to keep your messaging and offerings fresh and up to date.


Key Benefits

• Build or grow profitable revenue streams from your products and services practice while remaining focused on your core competencies

• Leverage the experience of a team with hundreds of proven successes

• Avoid the common pitfalls that hamper your services launch or slow your growth

• Establish sales wins & a results driven sales process for continued success

• Receive a revenue generating services practice not just advice


Engagement Elements

Strategic Planning — We work with your executive team to understand where you want to take your business and then work with you to build a plan to get there. This step is typically completed in just a couple of meetings and includes work in a number of key areas, including defining the market opportunity and primary customer targets, and building a budget model and developing a revenue plan. In addition, we will help uncover how to deliver the product or service and how your organization may need to evolve to accommodate your goals. Finally, we will explore the biggest risks that may hinder your success and strategies for how to mitigate these risks.

Go to Market Elements — To successfully launch any new product or service, it is important to have all the required elements in place. This will include all the necessary sales collateral, ROI tools and references to help shorten the sales cycle and add credibility to your offering. Your website will be a key component of marketing your solutions and we can help create credibility for your company by developing a resource center with valuable information that will drive traffic and create interest in your solutions and your company.

Lead Generation — We can help generate leads in a wide variety of ways including webinars, speaking engagements, email campaigns, events, social marketing, press and your own website. We then track all of our lead generation activities at a granular level so you have complete visibility into the cost per lead and the effectiveness of leads from various marketing activities. The ultimate goal is to help you understand how marketing flows to leads, and how leads flow into your sales pipeline, resulting in recurring revenue for your business.

Design — We understand that good design is not just about being pleasing to the eye, but also about integrating visual concepts with the your message, brand, product, and goals. Our design philosophy centers around solving problems and producing quality pieces that reflect the quality of our clients. Whether we are designing a logo or a brochure, crafting the look and feel of a website or a mobile app, dreaming up cutting edge interactions for the latest devices, storyboarding and producing webinars and engaging PowerPoint presentations, or walking a client through user interface and user experience wireframes to help define a minimum viable product idea, you can trust that everything we create comes with the thoughtfulness and experience of an expert design team.

Web Development — Everything from a small microsite to a large community project with a 2-year roadmap depends on both good coding practice and organized development process to be successful and sustainable. Specializing in web development, specifically Drupal and WordPress sites and communities, our team works with your company to translate business requirements into technical realities. In addition, we manage roadmaps, project communications and documentation so that you always know what’s going on with your site. Our passion is solving client problems, and architecting technical solutions that are both elegant and efficient.

Initial Success — In addition to assembling all the key service, marketing and lead generation components, it is often helpful that we guide and support your initial sales efforts so the sales team fully understands the engagement process and how to secure the business. This means working with your sales team to close some initial deals. This process establishes confidence that your team can sell the services and creates a repeatable process to drive continued success. In the end you are left with a proven business with real customers.

Sustaining Services — Once your initial service offerings, web presence and associated marketing collateral is in place, it is important that you continue to create new content on a regular basis. One reason for this is that it helps your organic search results as you work to make your website a destination for customers who are looking for information about the solutions that you offer. In addition, as customers and potential customers come to your site they will see that you are actively doing things like press releases, blog posts, speaking engagements, etc. Finally, this ongoing activity becomes a means for communicating new information to your customers and prospects and drives traffic to your website that can help you convert leads into opportunities and ultimately revenue.

Service & Vendor Selection — We know your customer relationships are your company’s life blood and something you cannot risk. Often, choosing the right service vendors is a long, difficult and unknown process. Many things look good on paper, but you need to have complete confidence that the products and services you offer to your customers will be rock solid and not reflect negatively on your business. We have many years of experience working, developing and delivering product and service offerings. Our experience allows us to save you time and the effort of weeding through all the pretenders to get to the services that will generate happy customers and high margin.

SOS Definition — Expectation setting is critical to customer satisfaction in a product or services engagement. A detailed, but understandable Statement of Service (SOS) or Product Definition (PD) behind each of your offerings is a key first step to establish these expectations. It also provides a basis for your customer to fully understand the value they are receiving for their investment. We have created hundreds of SOS and PDs for solutions ranging from basic monitoring to sophisticated application delivery and data protection. This experience allows us to quickly and effectively tailor SOS and PDs to meet the needs of your business.

Pricing Models — One of the most important and strategic aspects to selling is understanding the optimal price to charge your customers. If you are selling services, you have the opportunity to leverage “value based pricing”, which means you can charge different prices to different customers based on the amount of value that the customer receives from the service. Businesses have different levels of pain based on their revenue, cost of downtime, etc. We will help you understand how to leverage the “value based pricing” methodology to harvest the maximum amount of revenue and margin from each customer engagement. We will also help you understand how to reinforce the benefits of your solution to your customer by providing consistent visibility and reporting of the true business value delivered by the solution.



Check out our new DRaaS Comparison site.

Check Out Our New DRaaS Comparison Site

We have been in the tech space for over 25 years and while we have a passion for a wide range of technologies, storage, back up and disaster recovery have been of particular interest.  We have been close to this market for years including various stints and/or engagements with such powerhouses as VERITAS, EMC, Seagate and IBM.  It is with particular interest that we focus on imminent threats to data including malware, ransomware and other nefarious dangers.

The disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) market has exploded in recent years and so too have the number of solution providers who have entered this market. In this increasingly cluttered marketplace, it’s difficult to separate the pretenders from the contenders. While no one solution can meet every organization’s needs, the intent of DRaaS is to provide important information about the market, how the solutions work, the key functional requirements you’ll want to consider, and some profile information about the leading DRaaS vendors in this emerging space.