IPv6 Transition Creates Opportunity

We know it is coming and it is going to hit every company small to large. As Patrick Bedwell, Vice President at Fortinet, said recently on the VAR GUY, “The move to IPv6 isn’t just about hardware, it’s about everything.” We believe this is especially true in the area of services and it creates the need for a range of services to aid customers in IPv6 migration. Here are a couple ideas:

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  • Readiness Assessment & Plan – The assessment would be delivered in a report that identifies any deficiencies in the customers current infrastructure and defines a plan for migration including upgrading any non compliant HW/SW, IPv6 network designs for the transition with affected subnets identified, the proposed migration process, identify any non-routable traffic flows or services arising from the migration, migration budget and timeline including any resulting downtime.
  • Migration Service – Implement the plan from the assessment above.
  • Validation Service – Provide a thorough validation of each element of the customer’s network post migration. This service should include validation of any integration with outside vendors and customers and provide prescriptive workarounds for any issues identified.

Additionally, this is a perfect opportunity to get you customer on a managed service to monitor and maintain their network and servers on an ongoing.

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