RMM Tools Vs Value

We often talk to MSPs who are in the midst of considering a new RMM tool. They are typically reviewing the features, assessing how the new tool will fit with their current processes and trying to calculate an ROI based on the cost of the tool and some hypothetical increase in future productivity. My first comment is always that this is also the perfect time to review how they deliver their service to their customers and try to identify additional efficiencies they can achieve. I suggest they do this is by taking a hard look at what services are provided in house and what services are delegated to a service vendor. As an example, do they identify a vendor to perform basic monitoring and alerting and focus their internal efforts on higher value activities such as remediation or even more specialized services like VoIP or security related services. Making this analysis at the same time as they consider the selection of a new RMM tool allows an MSP to consider if the new tool is really necessary and if so, how it will work with any new service vendors.

Then I segue into the real conversation. That being, MSPs spend far too much time worried about things, namely tools and technologies, and that these things really have little impact on the success of their business.  At the end of the day, the MSP business is not about what RMM tool they use or any other number of technical considerations. Their success is really about the unique value they deliver to their customers. That unique value comes from developing and maintaining a deep understanding of their customer’s business and thereby differentiating themselves from the competition. After all, any MSP can patch a customer’s server or keep the Exchange server running, but it takes a firsthand understanding of the customer’s business to make recommendations that allow the customer to best leverage technology to grow their business. This makes the MSP irreplaceable to their customer. The MSP will only have the time and focus to accomplish this if they delegate the routine activities to a partner. The quicker an MSP can transition from being technology driven to service driven the quicker they will achieve lasting success.

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