Market Research Analyst   

Job Description

Design and analyze research studies for clients to understand their vertical market, competitive landscape, end user behavior, product satisfaction, and opportunities for improvement for the global market; Design and conduct quantitative research, analyze vast quantities of data and create clear and compelling reports for clients to drive action within the sales channels; Generate and test predictive models based on the understanding of marketing, sales channels and product capabilities to interpret customer feedback/research results and recommend business improvements; Act as liaison with product and sales channel customer to understand business challenges and recommend additional research on the multi-channel customer experience; Analyze and synthesize global market and competitive intelligence information for client’s internal dissemination; Compose and present findings of market research to stakeholders, including but not limited to product management, sales and business development, in new and existing product/market/company evaluations.


Master’s degree or its equivalent in business administration/communication, plus 6 months experience in Market Research Analyst/Operations Research Analyst.

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