Is the Cloud Falling?

A lot is being written about the risk of using the cloud for core services like email, CRM or backup. Invariably the argument goes like this, “Watch out, because the cloud service you are relying on could go down or suffer a data loss.” I am not sure this argument really puts the risks in perspective. While this is all true, I like to remind everyone that the cloud based services being offered by large reputable companies, like Google, Amazon and others are likely far more reliable that any service or application a typical company can deploy, host and maintain in their own infrastructure. So, in short, yes have a backup plan for your data, check you vendor’s SLA and have a plan for their planned and unplanned downtime, but at that point, feel good knowing you will probably be dealing with far fewer problems than you did with similar systems when you hosted them in your environment and ultimately your users will be far more productive.

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